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 Piano lessons are available for all ages and levels – beginner to advanced.  (Minimum age is approximately 4-5 years old.)  The only requirement to get started is a desire to learn and a keyboard or piano in your home.  A keyboard instead of a piano can be used and must have at least 61 piano-sized keys.  If you do not have a piano or keyboard yet, Joyce can help you decide what will best suit your needs.

 All lessons are taught at the Yarmouth Studio at 247 Portland Street, Suite 100.  You are welcome to call and set up a preliminary interview with Joyce or to arrange a lesson day/time with her. You will sign up for a lesson that will be the same day and time each week.  Beginners should sign up for a 30 minute appointment.  More advanced students can opt for a 45-minute or 60-minute lesson.


 "My philosophy of instruction is based on some fundamental issues of language.  Literacy is an important component to any language.  You learn to read so you can expand your possibilities by going to the library.  I would hope that no matter how many years people study piano, they would be able to go to the music store, buy some music, and teach it to themselves.

 I am a classical pianist and teach my students the fundamentals of classical music.  However, along with the vast abundance of classical piano literature, I would like everyone to try music of other genres as well.  Some examples would be:  Standard Jazz, Rock and Roll, Blues, Broadway and Ragtime, to name a few.  A broad understanding of music and styles allows me to enjoy a variety of musical experiences with other people and my goal has always been to pass that along to my students."

--- Joyce Moulton