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The piano is, perhaps, the world's best-loved instrument. And piano music, performed by a talented professional, can add an extra dimension to any event, from a private party or wedding to a business function or awards banquet.

Joyce Moulton is a classically trained pianist whose performance services are available to individuals and businesses seeking a high-level musical program with a visually pleasing, professional presentation.

Classically Trained, Stylistically Versatile

A versatile performer, Joyce is skilled at a wide variety of music and can perform a program that will suit your event and charm your audience. There's no need to be specific in your choice of musical pieces. Simply decide what atmosphere you would like to create and describe the audience that will be attending. Joyce will suggest many time-tested ways to entertain your group and please your guests. It's that easy.

From Performance To Ambiance

Depending upon your event, you may want background music that lends harmony and ambiance, or a sophisticated musical program that merits the undivided attention of the audience.

Background music can be mixed in short sets from a range of categories, including jazz standards, Broadway show tunes, 20's-40's hits, or the timeless beauty of the classical piano literature. Solo piano presentations, in a concert or program format, can include a mix of styles or focus on one musical category.

Joyce offers a selection of other programs as well. Consider a narrative of interesting musical facts and historical annecdotes to draw your listeners into the music, as in the days of drawing room concerts, or request an expert duo or ensemble for your event. Joyce is a skilled chamber musician who works with many local instrumentalists and singers.

If your location does not include a piano, Joyce will be happy to bring her own state-of-the-art 88-key electric piano. This instrument uses self-contained speakers for small rooms, or external amplification for larger rooms to provide even, audible sound.

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